Air Volution D3

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Medium to Large Spaces

Simplicity is key in the AVD3 industrial ceiling fan. The three-blade design reduces weight, friction, and raw materials, which in turn minimizes the strain on the building, your energy consumption, and your budget. But can three blades do the job? Yes! Just like a wind turbine, we designed the AVD3 to be the optimal balance between weight, materials, and efficiency.

  • Maintenance-free direct-drive motor
  • On-board electronics eliminates control panel
  • 50,000 hour (24 year) operating warranty
  • Costs only $1.00 a day to run
  • Digital remote for fan control and troubleshooting
  • IP65 wash-down rated to withstand water and dust exposure


Diameter: 10 – 24 ft

Spacing: 55 – 95 ft

Horsepower: 1.05 hp direct drive motor

Weight: 129 – 162 lbs





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