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Advantageous Characteristics:

  • Moisture Detecting Sensor
  • Touch Sensor Button (Power On/Off Operation)
  • Coated with Anti-Fungal Substance / Easy Washable Basket

Process Type:

  • Dehydrating: Heated Air Circulation in chamber
  • Deodorizing: Coated activated carbon filtration

Low maintenance cost

  • LF-07’s heater produces hot air which is circulated within the system. And this enables LF07 to maximize thermal efficiency. It works fast with low electricity consumption.
  • You need to inspect the deodorising system regularly in order to get excellent performance.

It treats all kinds of food.

  • Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western food all are treatable. Instead of using grinding method, LF07 uses air circulating system which doesn’t trouble you to separate waste into treatable and non treatable (shell, bones and etc).
  • You don’t have to touch smelly food waste again so it’s very simple and hygienic.

Improved drying ability

  • Placing a plate with porosities on the bottom of the basket upgraded drying performance and it became easier to clean the basket.
  • This environmental products makes hygienic kitchen and comfortable environment.


  • Power consumption: Ventilation mode: 10W; Operation mode: average 70W
  • Voltage : 240V/50Hz
  • Waste Basket Capacity :¬†5 L
  • Net Weight : 7.4 kg
  • Dimensions : 270 x 292 x 350
  • Colour :
    • Pearl-coated white body with silver circle
    • Pearl-coated white body with green¬†circle

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